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Written by Gyaneshwaran G   
Sunday, 15 July 2012 13:56

If you click on 'Virtual School' in the 'Main Menu', you'll be taken to, well, my 'Virtual School'!

In this virtual school, I will have a separate web-page for each of my classes - 7IC, 7IG, 9IC, 10IC, 11IC, 12IC. There, I'll share all the resources topicwise. Thus, my students can enter their virtual classroom and access the resources for the topic which I'm currently teaching them. Any announcements, homework, tests, assignments, etc will also be put up in the respective virtual classrooms. Parents can also visit the virtual classroom and get to know what has been taught so far, and what will be taught in future. Parents can check whether the child has completed the worksheets which have been given so far. Soon, students can take up the tests from the comfort of their homes, and I'll get the results immediately! I'm working on that.

note: You need to 'login as guest' to enter the virtual school.


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