G. Gyaneshwaran is a physics teacher at The Doon School, Dehradun. He teaches physics to students from grades 7 to 12 of IGCSE, ICSE, ISC and IB DP curriculum.He started his career as an online tutor for socraticlearning.com, where he learned the socratic pedagogy of teaching by asking questions. He has also taught in FIITJEE, Chennai centre as Associate Professor of physics for 3 years, and in Sreenidhi International School, Hyderabad for another 3 years. He has conducted a workshop on Freemind – an open-source software for mindmapping at the Georgia World Congress Centre in Atlanta during the ISTE conference, and a workshop on Theory of Constraints for Education at IIM, Ahmedabad during the LTRB conference.

Though he originally wanted to be a scientist and find a way to make nuclear fusion economically viable, he has now more or less settled down as a physics teacher. But the unfulfilled desire to become a nuclear fusion researcher still lingers, and he hopes to pursue that dream again some day. Meanwhile, he is trying to pass on the dream to his students!

And yes, he is still crazy about Bruce Lee.

my physics youtube videos


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